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American Stoneware
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The Monongalia Story, A Bicnetennial History, vol 3, Discord, E.L. Cove, 1979, WV, covers 1826-76, illus, 796pp, vg/vg, $20.00; Diary of A Confederate Soldier, John S. Jackman of The Orphan Brigade, W.C. Davis, ed, 1990, maps, 174pp, vg/vg, $12.00; States Dyckman, American Loyalist, J.T. Flexner, 1980, 1st illus, served in British Quatermaster Department during the American Revolutinon, 238pp, vg/g, $10.00; The Life of John Randolph of Roanoke, 2 vol in one, H.A. Garland, 1970 ptg of 1859 ed, 1773-1833, Amer. Legislature, 686pp, x-lib, no spine marks, else vg, $15.00; The Cambridge (Mass.) Of 1896, A. Gilman, ed, 1896, history and current state, illus, royal 8vo, 424PP, rear inner hinge starting, else g, $20.00; U.S. Grant, Personal Memoirs and Selected Letters, 1990 lib of Amer, printing of 1885 memoirs, 1199pp, vg/vg, $20.00; The Potomac, F. Gutheim, ca 1949, Rivers of America Series, illus, 436pp, g, $10.00; Harper's New Monthly Magazine, vol 51, June to CJ Nov 1875, Cape Cod, Caricature, Gloucester, Land of The Lakes, Pueblos, etc, ills, 920pp, 3/4 lthr,g, $15.00; A Winter in the West, By a New Yorker, 2 vol, C.F. Hoffman, 1966 facsimile reprint of 1835 ed, actually the mid-West, 337pp, 346pp. vg, $20.00; The Journals of Daniel Noble Johnson (1822-1863), United States Navy, 1959 printing, wraps, illus, uncut, 268pp, royal 8 vo, naval experiences, some spine wear, g, $17.00; George Caledonia, 83 Centre Lane, Milton, MA 02186, 617-696-0931 Owners inscriptions, bookmarks not mentioned. CWO, PPD, SASE for check return. MA res. add 5% tax
Ohio Archaeoligical & Historical Publ., 10, 1902, illus, col Cresap, Siege Fort Meigs, St. Clairs defeat, shakers, etc, 503pp, g++, $13.00; Ohio Archaeological & Historical Publ, 11, 1903, illus, Indian Cheifs, mound builders, Dunmore War, etc, 486pp, g, $13.00; The Colvins of Fayette (County, Pennsylvania), R.C. Hathaway, 1992 update of 1986 ed, from 1760's, 4to, history and geneal, 204pp, x-lib, else vg, $16.00; Genealogy of The Hannay Family, W.V. Hannay, 1913, Albany, NY, anecdotes Scoharie in Revolutionary period, 71pp, x-lib, g+, $13.00; Genealogy of the Current and Hobson Families, A.E. Current, facismile reprint of 1906 ed, from 1700's, from Virginia to Indiana, illus, 350pp, lib, stamp, else vg, $16.00; The Seven Townsend Brothers of Texas, 1826-38, A genealogy, T.T. Wyatt, 1974, 500 copies, from SC in the 1700's to TX, much comtemp act, 4to, 300+pp, vg, $20.00; The Polyanthos, enlarged, vol 1, 1814, magazine incl mythology, poetry, biography, etc, 334pp, no plates, 1/2 leather w/mbld bds, g, $17.00; The Polyanthos, enlarged, vol 2, 1814, magazine, includes mythology, poetry, biography, etc, 336pp, no plates, 1/2 lthr, w/mbled bds, g, $17.00; Das Buch vom Papier, Armin Renker, Leipzig, 1938, in German, the history of paper, many illus, examples of paper types, fold-out map, near v, $20.00; Ohio Archaelogical and Historical Publ, 13, 1904, Simon Kenton, Shakers, Ohio canals, black hand, Fort Hamilton, mounds, etc, illus, 507pp, g++, $15.00; • George Caledonia, 83 Centre Lane, Milton, MA 02186, 617-696-0931 Owners inscriptions, bookplates not mentioned. CWO, PPD, SASE for check return. MA res. add 5% tax