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Consignors say Conroy owes them money
By Robert Kyle

ELBRIDGE, N.Y. — Timothy W. Conroy, president of TW Conroy & Associates LLC, of Elbridge faces felony grand larceny charges after state police arrested him Nov. 30 folloawing a complaint from a consignor who says Conroy still owes him $19,000 from an auction last June.

Conroy, 45, was released without bond. Prior to his arrest he was already scheduled to appear at a Dec. 16 hearing in the state supreme court in Onondaga County. At that time the Office of the Attorney General has said it will seek a $500,000 performance bond before Conroy can conduct another auction. Failure to comply will result in suspended auction activities.

Dozens of consignors claim Conroy owes them money. On Oct. 28, the OAG filed a judgment against Conroy for $397,811 on behalf of unpaid consignors. A separate motion asked the court to require Conroy to put up $500,000 to ensure future consignors are paid.

On April 14 a judgment of $176,270 was filed by OAG against Conroy individually, as a company president, and as an eBay seller. The judgment stipulated Conroy was not to engage in any “deceptive, fraudulent or illegal practices” and must pay consignors within 30 days of the auction. A $101,770 balance Conroy still owes from the April judgment is included in the new $397,811 amount.

“Between April 14, 2008 and Oct. 14, 2008…the Attorney General received 79 additional complaints against Respondents [Conroy],” stated Assistant Attorney General Judith Malkin in the Oct. 28 judgment.

“The new complaints alleged that Respondents had failed to pay consumers for items that had been auctioned, failed to respond to their inquiries, failed to provide an accounting of items that had been sold, failed to return items that had not been sold, and checks that had been issued with insufficient funds to cover the check amounts. The amount of the additional restitution that was sought is staggering, more than doubling the original amount,” Malkin wrote.

Conroy’s eBay business, “My Sister the Lister,” was an official eBay Trading Assistant and drop-off location in Elbridge where sellers left goods for Conroy to auction on line.

Under his user name mysisterthelister, Conroy began selling items in July 2005. He received 1,749 feedbacks in 2008. Of this amount, 106 were either neutral or negative. eBay recently closed him down.

Consignors with complaints regarding the TW Conroy company may contact the OAG’s Consumer Frauds Bureau in Syracuse at (315) 448-4848.

Conroy did not return a call from AntiqueWeek asking for comment.

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